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Mathew 18:20
“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

Always trust in God and help his missionaries spread the good news, but also ask in the name of Jesus and use the gifts he has given you so all may know his word and his peace and blessings. If God be for us, who can be against us?

A united Christian front operating within the word of God can stand against this synagog of satan.

Know Your Rights

Your rights are not from your government your rights are given from God. The constitution is framed to stop the government from infinging on your rights which it constnatly, insidously does.
You must know your rights so you can know when they are violated and what you can do to stop the violators.

Build local Support

As you can all see there is a massive push to centralize your purchasing options (Amazon, national big box .. Home Depot, Publix ...). Any of the locations allowed to remain open during the "lock downs" and any business still giving "vaccines" does not have your best interest at heart. We need to know and support the small mom and pop food and any other criticla need suppliers. Build the relationships now and keep them afloat now so they will be there in the future.

Know the Law

This is how we have lost the ground we have given up so far and how they have pushed their agenda with such rapid and seemingly unstopable ease. The key here is to understand that law is not the daunting obstacle they would have us believe it is and we can all understand and represent ourselves in the system that was setup for us to do just that.
Here is a great short course that can turn any with the desire to learn into capable foes of the enemy and can arm us with the tools we need to fight back within the legal system. We need to setup a network of individuals and lawyers with this knowledge.
We need to bring law suits forward so we can identify truthful constitutional judges.
We need to take back control of the system using the same tools they have used to destroy it.

They have the advantage of decades of stealing wealth from the United States to fund their syndicate of corruption but we can overwhelm them with numbers once we all know how to sue and use the system to halt their activity and bankrupt their cronys.

Here are our favorite local patriots who love this country and what it stands for. Now is the time for us to support them and give them our business and not large chains who will fall victim to nation wide supply chain issues as they push agendas we do not agree with.

We must support local grown suppliers now so they will be there when we need them to support us.

Local Support - Food

North Port Produce
13651 Tamiami Trail, North Port, FL 34287
10% off entire check Tuesday-Friday only

EC Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
17753 Toledo Blade Blvd D4, Port Charlotte, FL 33948
10% off entire check Tuesday-Friday only

Punta Gorda Farmer's Market
Punta Gorda Farmer's Market, Punta Gorda, FL 33950
10% off entire check Tuesday-Friday only

The Family Farmer's Market
14600 US Hwy 41, Punta Gorda, FL 33955
10% off entire check Tuesday-Friday only

Kallis German Butcher Shop
2420 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, FL 33952
10% off entire check Tuesday-Friday only

Beef Country
2320 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, FL 33952

Harbor Seafoods Meats and More
1101 El Jobean Rd a, Port Charlotte, FL 33948

B & G Italian Deli & Meat Market
3805 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, FL 33952

Fresh eggs ...
Call to see if she has any avilable - Ilona 941-952-5800


The BEAN on 41 Coffee Shop
2705 Tamiami Trail Unit 413, Punta Gorda, FL
Weekly events ..


Cape Barber Shop
4711 Coronado Pkwy, Cape Coral, FL
Say Hello to Cheryl for us

More music ...