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Best Christian Options


Christians and now too the American way of life are under assault in this nation. Agendas are being forced on individuals and families by a media pushing pure propaganda, retailers forcing woke policy, schools abusing children and a government attacking cake makers and florists legally as it dissrupts our supply chain and food supply while driving up inflation and incentivising our medical professionals to be accomplice to horrors on our elderly, our young and infact all Americans. We need to be as independent as possible and setup local networks now.

Insurance companies are now reporting an increase of 40% in the death rate.

This is a world wide assault.

The Dutch people are now seeing their government try to shut down their farmers using the climate change agenda to justify putting most farmers out of business. This would of course mean much less food for the Dutch people which would in turn drive up the costs of any food remaining.
The Dutch farmers have rissen in revolt against this existential goverment threat and the Dutch people are rising with them. The people now buy directly from the local farmers and bypass any government and buig retailer controls and restrictions.
The time has come for us to do the same.

Favorite Locals


We will list businesses and other resources who support Christian values and can provide local alternatives to the large retailers pushing anti-Christian agendas and supporting groups who work to undermine the word of Jesus Christs and the Family values this nation once held high.
Here is our current list of local favorites

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