Globalist Agenda




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Globalist Agenda

1 Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is the root of all evil  

The globalist agenda is to extort money from as many countries as possible and to push their agenda of domination and control. They destabilize countries to create migrants which they can then use to destabilize more countries by having their NGOs move the migrants in caravans and on boats and then have the UN force countries to accept the migrants as refugees.  They create global crises so they can have the UN push governments to react and tax their people to support the non-existent crisis and skim millions for themselves.
During the downfall of the government many will be killed which fits their goals of population control - the more people the harder to execute their control and more possibilities that some glimmer of freedom will spark again so populations must be controlled. They also use planned parenthood to control populations.

They install traitors in governments world wide who setup schemes to help them destabilize countries and tax people to pay for global crises and "refugees".  These traitors make laws to support migrants and create sanctuary cities to support them and provide lawyers to defend them all while taxing the people to pay for it.

They buy media and Hollywood actors  to push their destruction of society.  They then setup organizations like BLM and LGBT groups which they fund to attack any bastions of freedom and decency like family and Christianity ... Islam is part of their strategy and hates freedom so they are never targeted by the LGBT wedding cake groups.. Family must be destroyed and they use LGBT and their trans agenda to target children and weaken the foundation of future families.

Drugs are a major source of funding for the elites which is why they need dependents and slum areas to distribute the drugs and cartels and MS13 to supply the drugs. This money funded the gun running in fast and furious and the Syrian war was armed by guns from the collapsed Libya.
This is why they always promise blacks but can never deliver on the promise .... they need the slum drug hives.

Their ultimate goal is a one world government where they can tax working people all over the world to pay for their created causes and impose their tyrannical will unopposed by anyone. The UN is that vehicle.

Here is how all the players fit into the globaist plan and what role each of them plays.