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About Us


This site is to help Christians find the best local support and setup them up with contacts and information about our favorite local freedom loving businesses in their area.

Whether those pushing their anti Christian agenda go forward or not Christians need to support eachother and support Christ by rewarding local business who follow American principals and not those businesses who seek to monopolise and control them with the woke cancel culture.

Local Favorites

Business listed here will meet the following criteria:

- No adoption of ESG standards

- Will follow all laws of the Nuremberg Codes
    No Mask mandates
    No forcing of employees to take experimental shots

- They will follow the Christian principals of Jesus Christ and not any anti-Christian agenda. A man (biological male) shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife (biological female)

- They will fly American flags and not any other above it.
    If you don't want to make me a cake due to your religion I'll get the cake from someone else, I won't set about cancelling and targeting your business due to your religious 1st amendment right. I won't seek to sue you and drive you and your family into poverty or worse because you don't agree with me. Businesses flying the rainbow flag do so in support of this cancel culture and it's sexualization of our minors and will not be listed here.

- They will honor the constitution and the first amendment. There will be no censorship supported. No business donating to groups that attack free speech or target people for reading bible versus will be listed here.

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