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Practical Inexpensive Solar

Solar has to be scalable, inexpensive and dependable.
Solar power is not a power alternative for the average person. Most of us are not living off grid and don't have those massive needs. For the vast majority solar should be a supplemental energy source for everyday needs and a reliable backup for when power is lost.

Here is how I get the most out of my solar setup

Here is my recommendation for a quality starter system

Backup Solar Power

In the event of a power loss solar power can be a viable practical source for comfort and needed resources. It can make a portion of our homes livable and temperature controlled and it can keep our food fresh and all our communication needs covered while also keeping all our smart phones and tablets fully charged and ready.
We need to be practical and smart in how we use the power we have setup in our our solar power configuration.


Having a room or area where you can be comfortable (air conditioned) and can sleep quietly is a key. While my neighbors were running all over town trying to find fuel (there was none ..) for their noisey dangerous generators I was sleeping in quiet cool comfort from one solar panel and a small battery bank.

Here is how I stayed comfortable, stress free and safe.

Food and Drink

Having a a way to keep food and drink cool and fresh is another key element in power loss survival.

Here is how I kept food and drinks fresh.

Internet and Phone

This is one of the most critical links in a power loss.

Here is how I connect to the internet, stay informed and even make phone calls

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