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Proven Medications

Zelenco Protocol

For those who prefer an over the counter immediate solution this is the protocol Dr Zelenco developed when the goverment tried to stop him and all Americans getting Hydrochloroquine or Ivermectin we all needed.
The key here is the zync but it needs a delivery system to get the zync into the cells. Dr Zelenco would compare it to a bullet needing a gun for us laymen.
Dr Zelenco was an amazing human being and American, may God accept his soul and ease the pain of his loss on his family.

Ivermectin and HCQ

This is a very simple and fast process (I had my meds in about 6 days) and it does not require you to be sick and in danger to order. As the Dr says every American should have this on the shelf and ready to go when needed. With this you have a greater than 90% chance of avoiding a hospital and the deadly protocol they continue to use and kill.
See the Dr on the Stew Peters show

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